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Sprig Restaurant | New Spring Menu Items

Sprig Restaurant is a farm-to-table kitchen in Decatur, GA that we have worked with on menu design, marketing collateral, web design and photography. Since their menu changes seasonally, there were new menu items to photograph for their Spring menu.

Last time when I shot Sprig’s winter menu, I said that the worst part about doing these restaurant shoots is smelling the food and my tummy rumbling while getting the perfect shot.

This time, I brought Paul (aka the assistant) along to help eat some of this delicious food after we were done shooting. Jennifer and Tony, the owners of Sprig, are so very cool. They let Paul eat and drink pretty much anything he wanted after we got our photos.

I’m sure that is Paul’s favorite part of my job, and why he puts up with me taking photos of food all the time.

Here’s a sneak peak at one of the dishes that was photographed, the Crispy Sorghum Glazed Eden Farms Pork Belly. (I love that Sprig wholeheartedly supports local farms and sustainable food).