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Where Dreams Come True | FoodBlogForum Orlando

Those words summed up the FoodBlogForum weekend at Disney World this past weekend in Orlando. FoodBlogForum was founded by Jaden & Scott of Steamy Kitchen and Todd & Diane of White On Rice Couple.

This was my first FoodBlogForum, and I knew that it would be great since it was to be held at Disney World, but not only was this event beyond amazing, it was the first event Disney has done with food bloggers. And boy, did everyone outdo themselves. Shout-outs to Julie, Dawn and the Disney team. Amazing, amazing job guys.

We kicked FoodBlogForum off with a lovely welcome reception at Disney’s Grand Flordian Resort. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the spread that Disney Public Relations put together for us was both great on the palate and the eyes.

The food just seemed to keep on going – I can’t forget about this cake and strawberry cheesecakes from Saturday’s lunch:

It was truly an eye opener to see all of the diverse food offerings from Disney. When I visit Disney World, I’m usually so focused on getting on rides, taking photos with characters and seeing the next new thing that we default on the quick counter service food. We completely miss that the chefs at Disney really create some diverse culinary masterpieces.

My favorite part of these conferences: seeing old friends and meeting new ones. (Below: Left with Marilyn of Forkful, Right with Diane & Todd of White on Rice Couple)

I returned home more inspired (and exhausted) than from any other food blog conference I’ve been to. My mind is filled with storytelling with both words, photos and video. My brain is brimming with pitch ideas and my eyes are opened to the possibilities that are ahead of me. I just need to set that goal and make sure that the tasks that I do everyday push me towards that end goal.

I am so glad that Paul was able to come with me on this trip to Disney. Thank you to Disney for letting us bring our family along on this trip! Because what would be a trip to Disney without your friends and family?

Visiting Disney continues to be magical every time I go. No matter how much older I get. I can’t wait for our next trip back!