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Red Worms in Pool

Red Worms in Pool

To remove red worms from your pool, you need to clean your swimming pool (above ground pool or inground pool). This operation would also ensure that other organisms are not in your pool.  How do you clean the pool?

You can;

  • Skim the pool: with the use of a leaf skimmer, you can remove these small worms and any other material floating on the surface of your pool. Get them out of your skimmer by tapping your skimmer.
  • Vacuum the pool: you can use a pool vacuum cleaner to remove the worms stuck at the bottom of the pool. This way, you can even remove the dead worms.
  • Clean the pool filter: you should also clean your filter regularly to get rid of the midges. If you cannot do it, use the user manual, so you don’t get things stuck on your filter.

How Much Bleach to Shock Pool?

How Much Bleach to Shock Pool?

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Best Pool Pumps for Inground Pools in 2020

Best Pool Pumps for Inground Pools

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