Field of Greens Festival

by Melissa on October 3, 2010

Although we live 45 minutes outside the middle of Atlanta, it took us over an hour to drive out to Whippoorwill Hollow Farm for the Field of Greens festival.  It was a long drive, but it was well worth it.

When I heard about this sustainable farming fair, I thought to myself: Organic farming, farm animals, restaurant tastings and King of Pops? Hell yeah, I’m in!

Some of the sheep and goats that live at the farm:

Thanking the little goats for their milk… that makes the delicious goat cheese that I adore so much.

View of the vendors that were set up at the Field of Greens festival.  I absolutely love seeing and visiting with the  businesses that care so much about organic food and sustainable living.

Beautiful spread of donuts!  Paul got a blueberry scone that was super yummy.

The restaurant tent was filled to the brim with some of the top restaurants in Atlanta.  The tent didn’t open till Noon, so when we walked by when we first arrived at the festival at 11:30am, the smells were so ridiculously deliciously overwhelming… my tummy started hurting from wanting to eat everything inside (skipped breakfast, so I was starving!).

We scurried inside as soon as they opened the tent to visitors, and made our way to about a third of the restaurants before the crowd really got there.  Man, that tent was super crowded when we left, and I don’t blame those people for wanting to get in… just look at some of the food that was being served.

Tuna spring roll

Deviled eggs

Bruschetta with Wild Squash

Pan-seared Scallop on top of Vegetables

Pork Lollipops with Watermelon Radish and more delish bruschettas.

That was only a percentage of all the delicious food that all the restaurants were serving… some of the food was eaten too quickly to photograph ;)   We can’t wait for next year!  All these awesome food is well worth the long drive out here.

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October 6, 2010 at 5:49 pm

looks so yummy! will have to check it out next year.


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