Happy 70th Birthday to my Dad!

by Melissa on March 18, 2013

We spent the weekend in Radford, Virginia celebrating my dad’s 70th birthday.

It was nice getting away from the “big city” and just relaxing in the small college town where I spent my childhood. The thing I look forward to the most, after seeing family of course, is my dad’s cooking.

Being such food lovers, one of the things Paul and I enjoy doing when we travel is try the local cuisine. Though Radford is slowing improving, and we did find one darn great bakery downtown, there is still a lack of good eating in the area. So, we tend to eat at home a lot when we visit.

But, it was my dad’s birthday party, and he wasn’t about to cook a grand feast for 25 people on his own. Not that we would let him anyways. So, off we went to the restaurant – well, what used to be my parents’ restaurant. They lease the building out these days, to another Chinese restaurant.

Chinese Restaurant Radford Virginia

And what a feast did they treat us to! It’s one of those things you always hear about: the “secret menu” at Chinese restaurants. They can make some pretty amazing dishes, if you know the owner and/or know what to ask for.


duck shrimp

sweet and sour tilapia

Then, if stuffing ourselves silly wasn’t enough, two (two!) birthday cakes were brought out for my dad.

Family cake 1

What an amazing time. After a weekend filled with laughs, hugs and lots of food, we are on our way back south to Atlanta this morning.

I hope you had a grand weekend too!

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