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Red Worms in Pool


We all may have at some point seen tiny red worms in our pools. To most of us, this may have been our first experience with the creatures, so we don’t know much about them.

Red Worms in Pool

The emergence of tiny red worms in pools has made lots of pool owners to be concerned about the nuisance these little creatures can cause.  But don’t worry! You’ve come to the right place as we have the solution for you in this article.

Why are there worms in my pool?

The emergence of tiny red worms in pools is a result of midges harshen eggs in your pool because your open pool water is still and stagnant. This situation is the preferred breeding ground for midges. Under the right circumstance, the eggs turn into larva in two to three days before becoming blood worms. From their tiny state, before they turn to red hue, they feed on algae and organic matter. After four extra weeks, they turn into full-blown adult midges before exiting your pool.

Before you panic, note that red worms are harmless and not infectious. They don’t carry any disease and are the major source of food for fishes, insects, and birds.  These red worms can clean your pool of any algae by eating them, but the sight can terrify the pool users.

Even though they are harmless, the sight of these tiny red worms in your pool means your pool is not in good condition because for them to survive they need algae to feed on and still water to settle.  

How to handle the situation with the Red Worms

To remove red worms from your pool, you need to clean your swimming pool (may you own the best above ground pool or inground pool). This operation would also ensure that other organisms are not in your pool.  How do you clean the pool?

You can;

How to prevent tiny red worms in pool

To prevent tiny red worms from getting into the pool, you need to maintain the pool regularly. You can manage your pool by;


Having a red worm in your pool is not a bad thing; however, they indicate that everything is not right with the pool. Find out what the problem is and look for its solution.

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