Stingray Sandbar | Grand Cayman

by Melissa on October 1, 2011

If you visit Grand Cayman, if you’ve never been before and if you have a limited amount of time… visiting the Stingray Sandbar is a must-do.

We were planning on going on a dive while in Grand Cayman, but a fellow diver on our Belize dive told us how incredible the stingray sandbar was. So, we booked the excursion and off we went.

Stingray Sandbar in North Sound in Grand Cayman was formed because of the natural movement of the ocean. It is located in the middle of the ocean just north of the northern coast of Grand Cayman.

When fishermen would fish far off of the coast of Grand Cayman, then they would anchor off of this sandbar to clean the fish before returning to shore. The fishermen would discard parts of the fish that they didn’t want (bones, guts, scales) into the ocean next to their boats. The stingrays started to learn that the sound of the (fishing) boats meant that there would be free food.

Although these Southern Stingrays are wild animals, they are so accustomed to people being around, handling and feeding them that when they hear the boats approach and anchor, they swim up and start begging for food like puppies.

What a truly amazing experience.

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