Thankful to be Safe and Alive

by Melissa on December 19, 2011

We were in a pretty bad car accident this past Friday night:

Paul and I were heading out, on our way to a late dinner, because Paul had to work till about 8:20pm.

After getting the green light at the last intersection to get to the restaurant, we headed through the intersection. When we were almost through to the other side, I saw a car speeding towards us out of the corner of my eye.

I screamed, “Oh my gawwhhh….!!” And then BAM. SMASH.

Paul and I both got the wind knocked out of us, my entire body was in severe pain and my head was spinning. All I can really remember for the next few minutes is that our airbags had inflated and Paul had somehow gotten out of the car to check on the other drivers and call the police. At the time it was all I could do to concentrate on breathing, it felt as if my entire body had exploded.

I finally got a hold of my thoughts when I saw those flashing blue lights.

I quickly did a mental check of all my body parts and everything seemed to be in tact. By that time, the fire truck and ambulance had arrived and the firemen and EMTs were asking me if I was okay. I finally crawled out of the car through the driver’s side door.

Turns out, a teenage girl ran the red light and T-boned us on the passenger side door, which pushed our car into the opposite turn lane and headfirst into a third car.

Paul’s car is totaled and we were both pretty shaken up.

After we took care of the whole police report thing, we called our sweet friends who were so kind as to change their evening plans to come give us a ride home.

Here’s the car in daylight:

After we gathered a few belongings out of the car (ie. charger, GPS, sunglasses), Paul said his goodbyes:

I guess an upside is that we get to go car shopping soon.

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